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Hub to coordinate aid by European veterinarians to help Ukrainian veterinarians, their families and animals

Vets hosting Vets & families

If you are overwhelmed with this crisis, seek advice of mental health professional or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have. Mental health resources for Ukrainian veterinarians are listed HERE (updated 03/06/2022).

A project providing professional mental health support has been launched. The project is a collaboration between Petra Agthe, Natalia Ignatenko and the The Galaxy Vet Foundation, and is planned to include group courses, webinars and if possible also 1:1 psychological support for individuals in need, who cannot access this support through other means. Information about the project and additional mental health resources can be accessed HERE.

In addition, VetCT has produced a series of free training videos on managing trauma in animals in conflict or natural disaster situations. The bite-size videos, created to support veterinary treatment in light of the conflict in Ukraine, address everything from field triage to providing emergency care in austere circumstances. The training is free to access on the VetCT website HERE.

Many countries started to collect temporary homes for Ukrainian veterinarians and their families. On this page or on the map underneath, you can find the contact details of the different initiatives we were informed about.

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  • Many EU countries:
    • Ukrainian Society of Veterinary Business Owners helping gateway available HERE – The gateway aims to help veterinarians who have lost everything. Email:, tel +380677815131 Andrii Klietsov (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) or +380685482112 Natalia Kamaieva (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram).
    • Ukrainian Veterinarians and colleagues providing help – Contact Nadeshda Karas. She provides a list of vets assiting vets (housing and job) Email: LIST
    • Vets on The Balkan collected many temporary homes for veterinarians (some even with the possibility to work in the clinic) accross the EU. Facebook Page
    • Humane Society International has teamed up with Mars Petcare to provide aid both to shelters in Ukraine and refugees accompanied with their pets arriving in neighboring countries. 
    • Housing for refugees matches needs and offers via their platform. Available in all main languages!
  • Austria: The Austrian Veterinary Association is coordinating housing and giving other aid and assistance in Austria. See OTK website.
  • Belgium: Dr. Ann Criel is coordinating for Belgium
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Contact the local veterinary association at
  • Bulgaria: Write to Boyko Georgiev:
  • Estonia: EVA provides housing in Estonia for vets. Email DVM Marit Veeber or +37256685902
  • Finland: Contact Dr. Anniina Kokkonen at tel.+358-40 184 8894 or write to 
  • France:
    • The French Order of Veterinarians offers housing via Sabine ARBOUILLE @
    • The Conseil Régional de l’Ordre des Vétérinaires de Nouvelle Aquitaine offers as well housing. Contact Dr. Colombo via Tel. 0672716824
    • OKIVÉT and the media group 1HEALTH welcome refugees in FRANCE. Five veterinarians and their families can get: assistance with the administrative procedures for settling in and obtaining degree equivalency + support for their French language training. Write to
  • Germany:
    • Coordination contact:
    • Refugees and their animals can also be housed in private households for temporary care. The animal welfare organisation TASSO e.V. launched a private mediation platform: TASSO Help.
  • Greece: You can contact the Hellenic Veterinary Association
    at email: ktiniatrikos_sillogos@yahoo.grTel. 00306973351051
  • Ireland: coordinated by Dr. Danny Holmes
  • Italy:
    • The Italian National Association of Veterinarians (ANMVI) support efforts to host  Ukrainian Vets willing to reach Italy and stay or practice in the Country. Hosting is also provided to their family members. Italian available hosting places are collected by ANMVI. Contact: or to the Polish contact  (Whatsapp) +39 335 69 97 191
    • The Italian national Statutory Body for the vet profession (FNOVI) is available to receive requests from Ukrainian veterinarians to coordinate supports and provide accommodation. Contact via e-mail:
  • Latvia: The Latvian Association of Veterinarians coordinates support for housing, you can contact them via A government website is also available to administrative, housing and aid for all Ukrainian citizens fleeing.
  • Lithuania: Coordination by Dr. Linas Varanauskas for housing, aid and administrative support or Dr.  Jakov Šengaut
  • Malta: Coordination via the Malta Veterinary Association to contact via
  • Netherlands: Coordination by Conny van Meurs ( KNMvD) via or 00316 83 70 03 29. More information HERE.
  • Poland: DVM Zbigniew Wróblewski is the Polish coordinator of activities related to refugees (veterinarians and their families) from Ukraine
  • Romania: coordination by and Dr. Robert Popa
  • Slovakia: The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice is offering accommodation and support to Ukraine veterinary students and their families. See here
  • Spain: Refugees seeking help in Spain can find useful information HERE
    A list of Spanish veterinarians offering jobs is HERE – Full list of jobs & accomodations offer HERE – Ukrainian colleagues seeking job can write to
  • Sweden: A group of veterinarians coordinate housing for vets and their families. Contact them via this form HERE
  • Switzerland: The Swiss Veterinary Association coordinates housing for Ukrainian vets and their families in Switzerland and offers support. For more information, contact the web page:
    Full list of CH Vets able to help UKR colleagues HERE
  • Tunisia: Dr Taoufik CHIKHAOUI coordinates support and housing:
  • United Kingdom & Northern Ireland:
    • The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is offering to help connect Ukrainian veterinary professionals with members of the UK’s veterinary community. This initiative supports the Government’s Homes For Ukraine programme. If you would like to ‘match’ with a UK veterinary professional contact
    • Ukrainians SEEKING accommodation can fill the form HERE VetNI coordinates housing available to vet refugees and their families in Northern Ireland as part of UK:
    • Dr. Julia Barham and Dr. Alison Tabot help co-ordinate offers of help (list HERE) and requests for refuge in the UK: or jbbp247@vetsforukraine
  • Canada: Contact DVM Zoe Rutledge for accommodation in Prince Edward Island and Toronto.
  • USA: To enter the USA, Ukrainian veterinarians currently need to have a tourist or any other non-immigration visa. At the time of entry, they can ask for temporary protective status and they will get employment authorization as soon as that status will be approved. Veterinarians can be employed as veterinary technicians or veterinary assistants without any additional certification. To work as a practicing veterinarian they have to take an English test and complete either ECFVG or PAVE program.
    • Dr. Andrei Tarassov is ECFVG committee member at AVMA and can answer any questions about licensing in US as well as relay any concerns to the committee and a vet clinic owner in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact via or Facebook
    • Dr. Renee Green Solomon, Forest Park and Duluth, Georgia,
    • Dr. Malkie Raythe is a vet in Iowa. With her husband they can host a couple while housing and employment is set up. We may be able to host a displaced pet until they can be reunited with their family. Ukrainian vets who decide to stay in the US might be looking for employment within the US Gov. by visiting the and creating a federal resume.
  • Australia: Dr. Belinda Black is the representative of the Australian Veterinary Association to organise housing with veterinarians in Australia:

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