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Hub to coordinate aid by European veterinarians to help Ukrainian veterinarians, their families and animals

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NOTE: Please note that these resources are not validated or verified from our side. In view of the urgency, we wanted to list a range of different ways to help. No responsibility is taken.

Support to Veterinarians And Animals in Ukraine

A project providing professional mental health support has been launched. The project is a collaboration between Petra Agthe, Natalia Ignatenko and the The Galaxy Vet Foundation, who has kindly agreed to host the online Fundraising Campaign where donations are collected. The project is providing professional mental health support to Ukrainian veterinary colleagues, both those who have fled the country and those remaining in Ukraine. Please donate HERE. For any further questions, please contact Petra Agthe or Natalia Ignatenko

Ukrainian organisation


  • The Ukrainian Ministry of Food Safety and Consumer Protection has launched a centralised platform to manage the processes of receiving, providing, processing, distributing and controlling the targeted use of humanitarian aid in a coordinated way for all animals.
  • The Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food is coordinating needs for livestock farms in order to ensure food security. You can find enclosed their letter, an appeal with contacts and a list of specified needs (e.g medication and vaccines).


  • USAVA – Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association: If you want to help and send humanitarian aid to Ukraine, please check on the following DOCUMENT. Put the address and name one of our members as a recipient. These people are verified, they will receive your humanitarian aid and deliver it directly to people and animals that really need help. Contact Владлен Ушаков, the President of Ukrainian Small Animals Veterinary Association via; or +380503369810 (Viber; WhatsApp) or visit them on facebook
  • Odessa cats: Dasha, Konstantina and Yulia coordinate a volunteer group that is taking care of cats, abandoned by the fleeing population during the war in Odesa, Ukraine. We are based at the monastery in the center of the city. They use funds mainly to feed, treat and vaccinate the cats and people who will help to take care of and get them adopted. By now, all funds are used and any help would be appreciated to alleviate the situation until the war is over, whatever that might be: useful information or contacts, or a donation. You can also support them on Patreon.
  • Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders collects humanitarian aid essential for further functioning of pork production supply chain. Please contact for more details Iryna Kuznietsova, AUPB coordinator:, T: +380969987338
  • Animals for UkraineLINK
  • Animal Adoption KharkivLINK
  • Cargo Emergency Rescue – Kyiv- 093-986-22-62 098-844-79-37
  • Cargo Emergency Rescue – Kharkiv +380990416703
  • Dmitry Revnyuk Animals Rescue organizer – LINK
  • Support group for Ukrainian breeders
  • Transport Ukraine for Animals – Witalji Tel. +380-968168387
  • Ukrainian Red Cross helps people and animals: Donation list HERE Contact: Anton Dubovyk, Coordinator’s assistant Mykolaiv Regional, Tel. +380677229271 or
  • Vet Crew– Team of veterinarians who are in Odessa, Ukraine and say they are staying to help the animals left behind. Donations are possible via
  • UAnimals – animal welfare organisation which is rescuing animals in Ukraine
  • The UNION OF VETERINARY BUSINESS OWNERS based in Sumy supports animal treatments and collect donation for medical supplies and feed. Bank details HERE
  • Ukrainian Veterinarians and colleagues providing help – Contact Nadeshda Karas. This is a list of vets assisting vets (housing and job) Email: LIST
  • Ukraine Animal Rescue InformationLINK

Non-Ukrainian vet or medical organisations giving support in Ukraine

  • WSAVA: hub listing many veterinary organisations and other partners giving support.
  • Austria: The Austrian Veterinary Association is coordinating aid and assistance in collaboration with wholesalers of veterinary medicines and equipment to Ukraine. See OTK website or contact directly Dietmar Gerstner:
  • Belgium: IVSA at University of Ghent started a crowdfunding campaign – Additional information are on their Facebook and Instagram
  • Estonia: ESAVA is supporting fundraiser for a shelter in Kyiv and transport goods to Ukraine-Poland border. To support them contact or
  • EU: EU measures in solidarity with Ukraine – EUR-Lex (
  • France:
    • VPT (Veterinaires pour tous) together with AFVAC and the Birgitte Bardot Foundation launched an operation in veterinary solidarity Ukraine with the support of the French Ministry for Agriculture and Food. See more info here.
    • A logistical action has been started via our purchasing centres: Veterinarians can participate by adding x times a line of 100 € in their order and the centre makes a weekly delivery of the total amount harvested in adapted products to Ukraine. More info via here.
    • Gilles Sonthonnax (Clinique vétérinaire de Feytiat) is in charge of collecting medical supplies for Ukraine from veterinary clinics in Limoges. More information HERE.
    • Aide Médicale Caritative France Ukraine (AMC) – Medical Support Charity France Ukraine
  • Germany:
    • Both the bpt and the WDT support the aid fund of the Rotary Club Bad Camberg Idstein for donations in cash and in kind.
    • Trans-o-flex offers free transport of medical supplies donated by their customers to aid organsisations. More information HERE.
    • Rotary club including list of supplies needed.
  • Greece: support is coordinated through the Hellenic Veterinary Association, contact person Chrisoula Papageorgiou at . They also organised a network of veterinary clinics which refugees can visit free of charge. Contact Ktiniatrikos Silogos via ktiniatrikos_sillogos@yahoo. gr
  • Hungary: the Budapest University of Veterinary Medicine is also collecting supplies and making accomodation available. The International Students’ Committee of the faculty is doing the same. Information on where goods can be delivered can be found here.
  • Latvia: Veterinary Hospital of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies offer support for citizens of Ukraine who have imigrated in Latvia by providing costless emergency veterinary care for horses and pets. More info here
  • Italy: The Italian National Association of Veterinarians (ANMVI) provides a quick national bank account to collect donations in Italy to be transferred to Ukrainian Vets; USAVA/WSAVA bank details are also provided for direct donations. Bank details: Contact:
  • Netherlands:
    • Help for Ukrainian Pets organises shelter and feed. To donate, please see Facebook group HERE.
  • Poland: coordination for pet food and supplies for shelters is possible via Jerzy Gawor. For more information on collection points, contact the FVE office –
  • Slovakia: The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice opened a fund to help students of Ukrainian veterinary schools. See HERE.
  • Spain: Asociación Española de Veterinarios (AVEM) provides assistance to people and their pets. You can write to To make it easy you can fill in the form
    List of Spanish vets hosting colleagues and pets – HERE
  • United Kingdom:
    • The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has launched a special refugee support program. More information here
    • The Royal Veterinary College is happy to receive deliveries from wholesalers at various drop off points if you would like to order and send donations directly. More information HERE
    • Nina Babchuk organises medicinal supplies for the Ukraine Medical Association and also calls to take up veterinary medical supplies. See their facebook group here and website HERE.
    • The British Equestrian and the UK’s equine sector joint forces and on their behalf, World Horse Welfare raises funds to provide emergency support for the equines, their owners and their carers. Initially, they work with local partners, including the Ukraine and Polish Equestrian Federations, and with other partners as the situation progresses. You can find further information regarding the ‘British Equestrians for Ukraine’ on their news page.
    • A group of veterinary specialists who joined together offer free webinars to the general practitioner in the UK Europe/ World to fundraise donations for the British Red Cross and support the Ukrainian people. See here on facebook and LinkedIn.
  • United States:
    • The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and its Foundation (the AVMF) are also providing support. See here.
    • Galaxy Vets, a US veterinary clinic startup founded by a Ukrainian-native Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov established a non-profit organization to help animals in Ukraine – Galaxy Vets Foundation in raising funds to help shelters, zoos, volunteers and other organizations helping animals in Ukraine. These funds are used to buy pet food, medicines, and equipment and deliver it to the areas of greatest need. 

Animal Welfare NGO’s and others giving support in Ukraine

  • Hub for NGO’s active to support Ukraine: Animal Charities UK
  • FourPaws: provides support and medical help for people travelling with pets in Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania – EMAIL – Tel. 0040 2079227954
  • IFAW: partners with two shelters in Ukraine namely in Pif and Gorlovka. They also provide support to wild animals in need. They are coordinating supplies to for the animals and staff of the shelters – EMAIL
  • Equiwent: supporting horses and people
  • Romania: Speranta Shelter from Bucharest has accomodation for two veterinarians with their animals, dogs and cats. More info from Dr. Anca Tomescu
  • Support group for Ukrainian breeders
  • Transport Ukraine for Animals – Witalji Tel. +380-968168387
  • Ukraine Animal Rescue InformationLINK

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