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If you are overwhelmed with this crisis, seek advice of mental health professional or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have. Mental health resources for Ukrainian veterinarians are listed HERE (updated 03/06/2022).

A project providing professional mental health support has been launched. The project is a collaboration between Petra Agthe, Natalia Ignatenko and the The Galaxy Vet Foundation, and is planned to include group courses, webinars and if possible also 1:1 psychological support for individuals in need, who cannot access this support through other means. Information about the project and additional mental health resources can be accessed HERE.

In addition, VetCT has produced a series of free training videos on managing trauma in animals in conflict or natural disaster situations. The bite-size videos, created to support veterinary treatment in light of the conflict in Ukraine, address everything from field triage to providing emergency care in austere circumstances. The training is free to access on the VetCT website HERE.

Many countries started to collect temporary homes for Ukrainian veterinarians and their families. On this page or on the map underneath, you can find the contact details of the different initiatives we were informed about.

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