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Veterinary Degree Recognition in the EU

Information on recognition of veterinary degrees in EU countries

Refugees are covered by Directive 2011/95/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 2011 on standards for the qualification of third-country nationals or stateless persons as beneficiaries of international protection, for a uniform status for refugees or for persons eligible for subsidiary protection, and for the content of the protection granted, (OJ L 337, 20.12.2011), Article 28.
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Generally, if you have refugee status in a Member State, refugees should be treated as nationals of the Member State in which they have been granted refugee status.  If a refugee has a professional qualification awarded in another Member State, the Member State that granted him or her refugee status can decide to recognise this professional qualification under Directive 2005/36/EC.

The Veterinary Faculty in Bila Tserkva is a full member of EAEVAE and EAEVE accredited.
Full list of veterinary faculties in UKRAINE – HERE

Additionally, refugees can use the European Qualifications Passport (EQF).
The EQF is a special international tool developed to assess refugee’s qualifications for which there is insufficient or missing documentation. It is a standardized document that explains the qualifications a refugee is likely to have based on the available evidence.

Log in is required then refugee can ask for a passport. Click HERE

We are currently compiling further information on the situation of recognition of Ukraine nationals with a degree from a Ukraine faculty in the different EU countries.

Information compiled so far (16/03/2022):

Recognition of diplomas and the status of refugees are managed and processed by the Government and the official Statutory Body. For a full list of Statutory Body in the European region click HERE

CANADA: The Government of Canada has implemented new measures to help people affected by the ongoing situation in Ukraine. See here. Ukrainian veterinarians wish to practice veterinary medicine in Canada must pass the required National Examining Board exams. Those who choose not to take these exams, or who are looking for supplemental income in the interim, could assist in veterinary practices in a non-veterinary position only.

Please visit the CVMA website for more information about this process.

CZECH REPUBLIC: The Veterinary Chamber works on legal possibilities to enable immediate employment for Ukrainian colleagues

Any Ukrainian colleague can contact the Chamber:

DENMARK: The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration can issue authorisation to both Danish and foreign veterinarians who want to work as a veterinarian in Denmark.

FINLAND: Dr. Anniina Kokkonen is the Finnish Veterinary Association contact for Ukrainian vets. She is an equine vet speaking English and German.


Tel. +358-40 184 8894


The French network of veterinary clinics OKIVÉT and the media group 1HEALTH, for health professionals, affirm their support to the Ukrainian cause by helping welcome refugees in FRANCE.

If you know veterinarians in Ukraine or in the bordering countries, please contact:

They welcome veterinarians and their families and to provide them with :

  • Assistance with the administrative procedures for settling in and obtaining degree equivalency.
  • Support for their French language training

Italy: Ukrainian veterinary degrees shall be recognised by the Italian Health Ministry.
The Italian national Statutory Body for the vet profession (FNOVI) sent a request to facilitate the procedure and is available to receive requests from Ukrainian veterinarians to coordinate support.

Contact e-mail:

The Italian National Association of Veterinarians (ANMVI) supports efforts to host  Ukrainian vets willing to reach Italy and stay or practice in the Country. Hosting is also provided to their family members. ANMVI refers to an Italian contact point in Poland: (Whatsapp) +39 335 69 97 191


LATVIA: The Latvian veterinary association set a guide for recognition of diplomas

MALTA: Ukrainian veterinarians or vet assistants can contact the Malta Veterinary Association. They will assist in this very unfortunate time

NETHERLANDS: You need to apply for your registration as a veterinarian in the Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners. The procedure is free of charge.

PORTUGAL: Érica Rebelo is available to coordinate all the help to our veterinary professional colleagues who need it, namely accommodation, supplies and whatever is necessary.

Tel. +351 918357534

SWEDEN: If you have a Degree in Veterinary Medicine from a university in a third country outside of EU/EEA or Switzerland, please submit the application form.

More information HERE

Application form HERE

You have the opportunity to apply for Swedish language exemptions. There is no form for this. You can write an application that you upload instead of the certificate of knowledge in Swedish.


Diploma obtained outside the EU/EFTA can be recognized if the applicant meets three cumulative criteria:

  1. Citizenship of Switzerland or a contracting state (EU/EFTA), or your spouse has one of these citizenships;
  2. Unrestricted rights to exercise a profession in the country of recognition
  3. Clinical professional experience of at least 3 years in the country of recognition and/or in Switzerland (i.e. not older than 5 years).

More information HERE.

Please note: Veterinarians who want to practice in Switzerland must have the required official Swiss language skills (German, French, Italian).

UNITED KINGDOM: Veterinary surgeons from EAEVE-approved the Veterinary Faculty in Bila Tserkva who graduated as of December 2021 – October 2028 may apply to register with the RCVS. Anyone wishing to apply to the refugee support scheme should get in touch with Jude Bradbury, Examinations Manager. Tel. +44 (0)20 70 50 50 43. Check here details for your qualification accepted by the RCVS.

Please note: you must also be able to demonstrate that you can communicate in English at an appropriate level.

BSAVA offers free membership and complimentary BSAVA Congress registration to refugees in the UK registered with the RCVS Refugee programme.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) offers free membership to any Ukrainian veterinary professionals looking to settle in the UK.

The UK Government has published details for different routes to safety in the UK for people fleeing the crisis in Ukraine. These are:

– Homes for Ukraine provides volunteer accommodation. Google form HERE.

– Ukraine Family Scheme: to help family members of British nationals.

– UK visa support for Ukrainian nationals

The Red Cross gathered useful information on how to apply to the UK scheme HERE.

BVA helps specifically to connect Ukrainian veterinary professionals with members of the UK’s veterinary community in support of the Government’s Homes For Ukraine programme. If you would like to ‘match’ with a UK veterinary professional contact

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